Fisher Patented Kevflex Insert

An Advantage Every Green

Fisher Golf’s patented Kevflex inserts are unique in golf for their technology, handcrafted construction and performance. Below are the reasons you will have an advantage every green (a bold statement) but until you feel and see the difference it is hard to imagine what a benefit our putters are to making more putts and lowering your score. We invite you to try our putters with a thirty day money back guarantee.


Although Fisher Golf has licensed many major manufacturer’s under our patents, including Callaway and Titleist, we do not license our Kevflex insert material to any other golf company. Fisher Golf has nine patents related to our proprietary polymer inserts and over thirteen patents related to our putters. It is a fair statement to say Fisher Golf is the leader in insert technology in golf. Dr. Fisher has been creating the most forgiving ball striking putters since 1993.


Not all inserts are created alike. Most are injection molded plastic or injection molded polymers. Some inserts are a combination of metal and polymer and some are metal grooves or milling. Our handcrafted inserts are constructed in six distinct steps and each is cut, sanded and inserted by hand in a meticulous process. Because our inserts are not injected as a liquid and set up hard in a mass produced process we can engineer performance traits unlike any other putter. Kevflex is the ideal material for consistent roll off the putter face as explained below in our PERFORMANCE section.


There are distinct reasons why Kevflex inserts will roll a golf ball better than metal faced putters (a fifty year old technology) and mass produced injection molded plastic putters. There are three traits that contribute to the “Smart Roll Technology” of Kevflex inserts.


The most dramatic performance aspect is the traction upon striking the ball that produces the instant roll. You can see it by simply gliding a golf ball across the face of a Fisher putter on the perfectly smooth insert. It grips the ball and rolls it with virtually no contact. See our video and try it yourself. You can’t see the hop and skid of a putter when you putt but try this face test on any other putter and you cannot duplicate the traction of Kevflex inserts. This low speed, low tech test is simple proof of the performance difference handcrafting makes in our inserts.

Secondly, and just as important is the effect our Kevflex inserts have upon golf ball dimples. Any uneven surface introduces error. A lumpy green, grooves on your putter face, dimples on a golf ball all create directional error. Few golfers enjoy putting with hard golf balls because tests have shown that hard dimples create the most directional error when putting because they do not give. Your sense that they don’t putt well is a fact. How they feel is another drawback. Our Kevflex inserts are softer than a golf ball. Our Kevflex inserts are both USGA and R and A conforming. The golf ball literally goes into the putter face and minimizes the error dimples cause. This error is called, “dimple deflection.” The combination of these first two traits of traction for a consistent roll that eliminates hopping and skidding and the elimination of dimple deflection are the explanation why Fisher putters have less than an inch dispersion (total error both to the right and left) on putts of ten feet. This half inch of error either way far surpasses either metal or plastic/polymer mass produced putters (we could not test them all) that averaged 2.5 inches either way or five inches total dispersion on a ten foot putt. Cal Poly Pomona’s engineering department conducted a robot putter test on consistent flooring material to make this determination. Cal Poly produced a 400 page study to support our claims.

Third, and the basis for good putting- distance control, our softer insert allows for a more forgiving stroke. You have a larger margin of error on slippery downhill putts and distance control on longer putts.

The combination of these three traits are the backbone of Fisher Golf’s “True Roll Technology”. There are other performance traits you’ll benefit from as well. Because our inserts are softer than the golf ball you will feel the ball longer (clubface contact time nearly doubles) and develop muscle memory of how hard to hit putts. You will have to give up the clicking noise associated with the collision of ball and putter common to most golfers. We have optimized the head weight at 370 grams to combine with our Kevflex insert make for an easier pendulum swing and better control. The midsize pistol grip provides easier access to your major muscles needed for a smooth pendulum swing. Standard size grips are not easy to putt with and promote more hand tension. The best example is probably that no one is talking about thinner grips yet you can find grips the size of tennis racket handles or larger. The best way to emphasize the problems of a small grip is to try putting holding the shaft. If will dramatize the effects of going small with the grip and hand tension.

We have developed what we think is the best ball striking putter in a variety of traditional designs and invite you to experience, “An Advantage Every Green.” We only ask that you work on your fist pump, sword sheathing, and knuckle bumping as well as visiting our section on putting tips, practice routines, and preshot routines. You can putt as good as anyone with the right putter and a solid stroke.