We are a small innovative company that uses golf swing biomechanics to investigate what – why – when we do things in a golf swing and do our best to deliver a filtered simplified message to our followers and athletes.

We hope you enjoy our journey investigating why we hold the putter the way we have been traditionally taught and what has motivated us to develop the putting system and change the grip shape for putters. We will explain the science behind the new bjm system for holding a putter and why we have designed a grip suited for this type of hold.

Whether you use our system for holding the putter or choose one of your own, as long as you have a BJM putter grip then you will always have science on your side.



The procedure for hold will not vary from the procedure used for hold in the full swing. The only differences will be the criteria that we follow and that will be based on the theory we have discussed earlier in this section.



  • The standard hold is a reference to having the target hand above the rear hand while holding the grip.
  • Holding the shaft of the club in the rear hand just below the grip, shaft horizontal with the clubface vertical. This is referred to as a square clubface, you will find the elbows hanging in-front of your tummy
  •  with the 
  • fore-arms horizontal to the ground.
  • Turn the palm of the target hand to the sky and place the grip of the golf club in the target hand running through the palm just above the little finger and running into the fingers at the pointer finger. Remember not to hinge the target hand either way that is the little finger moving towards the wrist or the thumb moving towards the wrist, this is ulnar and radial deviation and is unwanted in the set up.
  • Close the fingers of the target hand first, then the thumb making sure the palm remains pointing to the sky. Allow the pointer finger of the target hand and thumb of the target hand to be directly opposite one another on the grip. Allow the target thumb to rest on the target side of the grip. VIEW MORE